Changing details in Aadhaar Card: Easy Guide

There are some situations in which you'd like to update or correct information on Aadhar card. It calls for Aadhaar card correction. Maybe you want to change your postal address, age, mobile number or photo on Aadhaar card.

For that visiting UDAI official office is going to be a hectic work for you. For this reason, UDAI has developed a new page on their website that allows you to correct your personal information and get a renewed card with ease.

Let’s see the easiest option to correct your Aadhaar card online:-

Step 1 - Before applying a new card online, make sure that you have your Aadhaar card and mobile number on your side. It would be asking you the OTP number from your registered phone number. The 12 digit number on Aadhaar card status is going to be compulsory to complete the task.

Step 2 - Visit UIDIA offocial website through its official website . Click on the “Update Aadhaar data” button. It would look something like this.

Step 3 - After clicking on the Update data button, the website will ask you to fill in your Aadhaar card number, verify the given code and enter the OTP number provided you.

Step 4 - Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be given with various boxes in front of required fields you need to change. Just tick mark on the field you want to make changes in. You can select more than one field at a time. No you have to click on “Submit”.

Step 5 - A new page will appear where you have to confirm the fields in which you want to make changes and click on “Modify”

Step 6 - Now the most important work is to submit self attested documents referring to the changes you want to have on your Aadhaar card.

The soft copies can be in any form, image, PDF, JPG etc. The best way is to get hard copies, self attest them, scan and attach them to the website.

Step 7 - In the last step you have to select an agency from a list of data processing agencies (BPO). You have the liberty to choose one. As you select one, you’ll get a Uniform request number (URN) on the screen as well as intimated on the card holders registered mobile number.

These were few easy steps to make correction on your Aadhaar card through online process. The process can be completed only if you have complete information and documents ready with you. If you face any problem in completing this process, you have to visit the their office right away.

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